Marksound Guitars began as a one man operation in the early 2000s,
with Mark building guitars mainly for personal use.

In mid 2010, Mark started working on a unique paisley finish. After much trial and error
a pair of prototypes were built, and Marksound Guitars was officially born.

New colors were added to the paisley lineup in 2011, in 2012 paisley pickguards and
metalflake finishes were introduced, and 2013 debuted a new sparkle paisley.

For 2014 we're introducing a revised pattern for the flagship Aged Pink Paisley,
and a new Silver Paisley finish.

Marksound Guitars products are now found in the hands of
guitar players across the US and around the world.

"I got the black & silver bass body this morning ... looks GREAT!" -Andy, TX
Do you make your bodies/necks?
We have selected a few suppliers who provide us with excellent quality parts.

Is your paisley pattern the same as (fill in the blank)?
Our pattern is similar enough to be familiar, but different enough to be unique.

Will you sell me some paisley paper to apply myself?
Sorry, no.

Can I send you my guitar for a new finish?
Sorry, but we're not taking any refinishing work at this time.

How much for a complete guitar?
Prices start at $1599, but it really depends on you.
Send us your wishlist and we'll work up a quote.

Marksound Guitars

Blue Paisley, detail.
Aged Pink, detail.
Headstock, detail.
Red Paisley, detail.
Black on gold, detail.
Vintage Pink, detail.

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