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Corporate Compliance 


Articles of Association and registrations

DEMAT董事会于2018年5月23日修订了DEMAT的公司证书和原始的公司章程, and approved by special resolution.


伊里多学院信托教区(DEMAT)是根据2006年公司法注册成立的私人有限公司, number 8464996, on 27th March 2013.


DEMAT registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) on 18th December 2014, registration number ZA087951.

LGB Scheme of Delegation

Village Saints Partnership Local Governing Body 


Governors are a voluntary body of people who guide and support the strategic direction of the school. 他们是学校团队的成员,他们对学校管理的贡献得到了高度评价. Our minutes are all on GovernorHub and our Clerk has access to them if required. 


The Chair of Governors can be contacted through the school office. 

Contact number: 01366 501050


The role of the governing body is a strategic one, its key functions are to:

  • Set the aims and objectives for the school
  • Set the policies for achieving those aims and objectives
  • Set the targets for achieving those aims and objectives
  • Monitor and evaluate the progress the school is making towards achievement of its aims and objectives
  • Be a source of challenge and support to the headteacher (a critical friend)

Governors were praised for their increasingly active role in school empowered by the new Chair, during our SIAMS Inspection in March 2019. 

Governor Profiles 

Gordon Mitcheson-Smith - Chair 

Category of Governor: General

Additional Information: 

Declared Interests – Grandfather of children at All Saints Academy


我希望支持在十大正规网赌网址的孩子身上植入一种对终身学习的热爱,以及传授如何学习的技能,使他们能够追随自己的热情, whatever they may be.

I bring 30 years of experience in strategy, planning, performance measurement , financial management and leading teams across a range of different organisations and sectors, underpinned by an MBA from Durham University Business School.

Geoff Hipperson- Vice Chair  

Category of Governor- General

Additional Information- 健康和安全,前提,校长点 

Declared Interests- 

Geoff is the current Mayor of Kings Lynn and West Norfolk. Now semi-retired, Geoff previously worked in a local farming partnership and has lived in Shouldham since 1973. In addition to family commitments and farming, Geoff has been involved in several local organisations including Downham Market Young Farmers, Secretary of the Pelicans Hockey Club and as a Parish Councillor. More recently, 杰夫曾帮助在Shouldham的King’s Arms社区酒吧重新开张,他是管理团队的一员. 

Katherine Howe- Headteacher  

Category of Governor- Staff

Additional Information- Curriculum

Declared Interests- 

Liz Evry

Category of Governor- 父 

Additional Information-Health and Safety, Core subject monitoring 

Declared Interests- 父 of a child at St Martin at Shouldham 

我很高兴能成为校董会的一员,为学校未来的发展提供支持.  我申请成为一名州长,因为我期待在我儿子2019年开始上学时,成为他学习经历的一部分. 我希望把自己在高级沟通和营销职位上的经验,运用到培训和继续教育领域. 我参与开设了新的专业学校,在那里我接触到了网赌正规平台网址中的战略和教育元素,我将利用这些元素来造福十大正规网赌网址的学校. 我希望这将有助于为十大正规网赌网址的孩子创造最好的学习体验,并为十大正规网赌网址的员工创造最好的工作环境.

Tamsin Parker

Category of Governor- 父 

Additional Information- Pupil Premium and Sports Premium 

Declared Interests- 父 of children at St Martin at Shouldham

I am very pleased to have become a Governor at St Martin at Shouldham as well as well as All Saints. My boys started at the school in 2019. I have been very impressed with their experience so far. I am very keen to support the school so that it can achieve the very best it can for all children. My primary focus is Pupil Premium and Sports Premium. 我在伦敦一家大型资产管理公司做了12年的赞助和活动主管. I believe my experience brings with me a drive to achieve the best for the school, 要有精力做到这一点,并愿意努力工作,支持那些试图为两所学校的所有学生取得积极成果的人. 

Niki Pybus 

Category of Governor- 父 

Additional Information- 

Declared Interests- 父 of child at St Martin at Shouldham

我自愿成为网赌正规平台网址学院的管理者,因为我觉得支持当地学校帮助他们为每个学生提供一个有组织的学习环境是很重要的. 我不仅对孩子们通过课程的学习发展感兴趣,而且对学校环境中积极强化的价值观和技能感兴趣. 我认为,大多数家长都希望他们的孩子能够自信地带着他们所学的知识进入下一阶段的学术旅程. As a parent, this is most certainly my hope for my son who is a pupil at St Martin's. 

I am a trained Management Accountant, now based in King's Lynn, 他最近从支持一份“龙卷风”的合同转到在皇家空军马勒姆基地退役10年. I bring with me analytical skills, integrity, challenge, teamwork and a keen eye to detail. 我希望我的专业经验能对支持学院的管理机构大有裨益. 

Dr Laura Blackburn 

Category of Governor- 父 

Additional Information- Safeguarding and SEND 

Declared Interests- 父 of children at St Martin at Shouldham 

The opportunity to become a school governor was one I couldn't resist. My eldest son moved to the school in early 2019, 我非常支持圣马丁和众十大正规网赌网址,因为他们已经给我大儿子的教育带来了积极的好处, and now also his brother. I believe in both the quality of the schooling, enthusiasm and commitment of the staff, and the overarching vision and values of the school. 


I have a diverse career as an Occupational Health Physician and Head of Clinical Compliance, University Lecturer and also as a qualified and accredited coach. My aim is to apply my understanding of management, governance and education to overseeing the financial and educational performance of the school, offering strategic support to the school achieving its vision. 有机会通过提供辅导方法来帮助主管应对支持性的挑战. Given my role as Safeguarding governor, a key focus will be health, safety and welfare of your children during this early stage of their education. 

Louisa Booth 

Category of Governor- 父 

Additional Information-  

Declared Interests- 父 of a child at St Martin at Shouldham, welfare and pastoral support of service children. 

为了有机会参与到我孩子的教育中来,我自愿在网赌正规平台网址学院担任州长一职, while supporting the school and local community.  作为一名在皇家空军服役的成员,我很想在一个只有少数部队学生的环境中提供一个军事“眼睛”. I have been an Air and Space Operations Manager in the RAF for 18 years, serving across the country and overseas as well as on numerous operational deployments. 我希望把我的一些技能和经验带到学校,并回馈当地社区,他们是如此支持该地区的武装部队. 

Martin Williamson

Category of Governor- 父 

Additional Information-Maths and Science Lead 

Declared Interests- 父 of children at St Martin at Shouldham

作为圣马丁两个孩子的父亲,我亲眼目睹了学校出色的领导和教学所带来的积极影响. 因此,我非常荣幸地在众十大正规网赌网址和圣马丁理事会中担任这一角色. With 18 years-worth of experience in military leadership and management both in the UK and abroad, and recognised by the Institute of Leadership and Management for Strategic Leadership, I hope I can bring new insights and direction to the Board. The Academy is widely respected, and it is important that we continue to strive for the best outcomes for our students. I am very happy to be a part of this team on the journey.

Nigel Moat

Category of Governor- General 

Additional Information-

Declared Interests- 

我是西诺福克修道院集团的助理副牧师最近被任命为牧师. I am keen to support the local schools in our parishes and being a governor enables me to do just that.

Before being ordained in the Church of England, I worked extensively in industry and gained significant experience in IT, finance, leadership and health & safety. I have also been a parish safeguarding officer in a previous church where I was an Operations Manager.

I trust I can bring my experience to the table as we work together as a team supporting the schools.

Jamie Jolly

Category of Governor- 父

Additional Information-

Declared Interests- 父 of a child in the school

随着一个孩子在这所学校长大,我想帮助营造一个环境,让“乡村伙伴关系”的所有孩子都能从中受益. I currently manage a publishing company and also have 10 years experience in youth and kids work.  I have a passion for the schools ethos and a grounding in that ethos as a post grad in theology. 

我希望在那里学到的知识和经验可以通过鼓励学生的精神来支持学校, emotional and physical wellbeing.

Emily Gore-Rowe

Category of Governor- 父

Additional Information-

Declared Interests- 父 of a child at the school. 

2004年,我开始了我的教学生涯,在担任第一任校长之前,我曾在诺福克多所学校工作过, first of a small rural Primary in Norfolk, then of a larger Primary in Cambridgeshire.  在开始教学之前,我还担任过教学助理,在过去的10年里,我在很多学校担任过行政长官.

My current professional role is a Deputy Headteacher in a Cambridgeshire Primary School, with responsibility for Teaching, Learning and Curriculum as well as Safeguarding across the school.

我希望我在学校领导方面的技能和经验能够为伙伴关系中的地方管理委员会带来有价值的东西. 我的女儿目前在斯托克渡口的十大正规网赌网址小学读书,我致力于与学校领导一起工作, 确保所有的孩子都能从最高质量的教育体验中受益, achieving the best possible outcomes.

Rachel Beasley- Deputy Headteacher  

Category of Governor- Staff

Additional Information- Curriculum, Pupil Premium, Sports Premium 

Declared Interests- 父 of children at St Martin at Shouldham 

Kayley Lodge- SENCO

Category of Governor- Staff

Additional Information- SEND, Curriculum 

Declared Interests- 

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